Top Selling Items at Flea Markets in 2019

Top Selling Items at Flea Markets in 2019

A flea market is a garage sale on steroids. It follows the same concept, of selling items you don’t longer need but which are valuable to your buyer. Also, it gives visitors a lot more diversity, for which reason it is essential, as a seller, to focus. For maximum impact, it pays off to find your niche. Of course, you could just put on the counter everything that is just lingering around the house, but you will make more money if, at each fair, you offer a good assortment of a particular type of products. Here is a list of the most profitable items to sell.


Jewelry and accessories

You could have a flea market only with accessories and still make it a hit. Jewelry, ranging from family heirloom pieces to simple charms, necklaces, and earrings, all are good choices to double or triple their real value.
To complete the look of the buyer and round off your revenue you can also sell scarfs, bags and hair accessories. To make the most out of your sale, we recommend that you group together matching items and even create discount packages to encourage more sales.

Home décor and furniture

Some people are flea market fanatics, and their favorite picks are items for their homes. Some love to buy old furniture they can upcycle and create a statement piece. Others are looking for things that can enhance the look of their crib with far less work. Go around your home and see if you can create a stand with paintings, photo frames, vases, cutlery, musical instruments, China or even vinyl records.
Even old commercials made from tin are making a comeback, and a lot of restaurant owners and interior designers are buying such things for good money.


The most common items to find at flea markets are clothes, and these can make an excellent proposition, with some merchandising behind the scenes. Divide your pile of clothes by genders and by size. If you have enough items, try to create full looks for the same size on a hanger. This helps your clients find what is right for them without the hassle of going through hundreds of items they don’t need.


Even if children nowadays are very tech-oriented and love gadgets and smartphones, you can still make a decent income by selling toys. The good news is that for any child there are never enough toys and they are curious to try even traditional ones like wooden trains or dolls.


Books and even magazines never get out of fashion and are some of the most accessible items to re-stock. Try to have a wide array of genres and arrange them accordingly on your stand. You could even have a “featured items” section or highlight the most popular authors. If you have more books from the same author or a specific genre, try to create special offers.